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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

had our bi-monthly haircut over at kimage with scarlet =)
never regreted that i heed adels advice and try scarlet out few months ago.

and she said my hair got so much better !
haha , thanks to yawen who came over the other time and inspired me to take better care of my hair =) her hair is like super damn good can ! lol

bought another hair mask !

and ,
Legere BB cream ( greatly rave in TW ) came in my mailbox =)
im selling off my extra tube for all who want samples at 5.50 each !

first come first serve !
email me at baby_baox@hotmail.com

guess what came today.
two more pairs of lenses !

this time ,
black and brown !

the brown is very pretty =)
will post pics later.


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