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Friday, November 14, 2008

okay okay , i know my skincare entry is kinda late .
but ive been busy ! ( with what ?? )
i know thats gonna be your next question ..

shopping online !!
whats new right , i know i know.

this time , is different alrights.
i was busy shopping online buying christmas presents !
for friends and myself of course =D

i cant seem to stop buying some stuffs everytime i step into watsons.
bad bad habit ..
mrLim seems to frown everytime he sees a watsons now, LOL =)

more Garnier masks and mm cosmetics !

anyways , my drawers!
eye and cheek cosmetics in first pic , facial masks ( in tubes ) & body scrubs & hair masks in second pic , followed by sheet masks in last pic

heading out to do a lil shopping =)
will be back to blog !

Tags Replies =)

abc - yup , its the one at shawhouse =) at the basement , opposite the supermarket =)

miemiemie - sure dear , i'll post my makeup routine in my next few entries =) nothing fancy though , haha. im still a makeup newbie ( especially in eyeshadows ! )

fiona - yeah , must go ! small area , but quite alot of cute and new findings there =D

debra - sure babe =) your accessories are pretty !

cheryl - shawhouse basement 1 =)

Pauline - you're missed too ! oh , you dont do macarons anymore ??

peg - faster growth ? hmm sorry but i dont know.

adels - haha ! im turning into eyeshadow freak now. lol ! you know what to get me from xmas hor ?? =D see ya soon !

se - tell your regular SA in LV that you intend to get one , they will do everything for you =) oh and , i dont actually use a eyecream/gel for fine lines , but my mum is using one from Cosme Decorte and she finds it pretty good =)

a - i dont intend to reveal =) but well , if you're a close friend , you'll know =D

dee - thanks for reading =)

lynn - yeah i'll =D

dawn - =) missed ya too ! if you're experiencing flaking , better stop using your cleaser , it probably too drying for ya skin. hmm , im still a avid fan of avene soapless foaming gel =) but i like cetaphil alot too !

passerby - thanks =) haha i just like buying new things to try =)

Audrey - the ones that im gonna post in my skincare entry , are currently the ones im raving for right now =) as for which products is the very best , i dont really have the answer , for i myself dont stick to one product , i tend to rotate my skincare around to suit my skin condition for the day etc etc =)

shi* - will try and do that sometime =)

hey - shawhouse basement 1 , small corner opposite supermarket.


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