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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

sorry for the late entry =)

woke up pretty late
and mrLim brought me to have yummy nasi lemak at geylang earlier =)

here's my masking entry ..

first up ,

this combination of deep cleansing + hydrating masks is one that im using quite frequently now.
Garnier Pure Deep Cleansing Mask - 1.95 for 2doses (usual price - 2.95) from watsons.
Watsons Green Tea Essence Mask - 1.95 per piece during promotions from watsons.

the other 3 deep cleansing masks that i use.

Origins Clear Improvement - 41dollars
Shiseido Purifying Mask - 64dollars
Kose Exfoliating Massage Gel - 35dollars

and , another combination of masks that i love using now is

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Peel Mask - 2.95 during watsons promotions
Neutrogena Deep Hydrating Mask - 1.95 during watsons promotions

other than the above ,

i use oxy mask in between days that i do the deep cleansing + hydrating routine.

oh , and avene soothing masks , plus my beauty diary masks =)

bought 2 mac brush sets and a smoking eyeshadow palette off nordstrom =D
which means 10 new mac brushes , yayness !

and i hope to get a few more lunasol palettes the next time i head down town =)

tags replies

hihi - yup , the maybelline palette shadows are pretty pigmented =) good enough to show , lol. if you prefer , can always use a base like UDPP. as for medium skintone , honestly i dont really know , but i would say try out earthy neutral colours first if you are a beginner in applying eyeshadows , very safe =) and different people suit different colours / shades , ive a friend who's skintone is similar to me , she takes purple colours very well , but for me , i look like ive bruised eyes if i use purple shadows , lol ! gotta play around with colours and find out for yourself.

Cyn - yeah kaki , i will =) and yeah , lunasol's eyeshadows are pigmented , and very pretty ! =D

anna - thanks babe =) well , i share what i can and what i know , plus some taggers do give me advice and stuff when i needed them too =)

Leen - 1820 =)

joc - no problem =) hmm , i saw quite a few in takashimaya watsons and guardian , can get from there if you happen pass by. and yeah , mac blushers are pretty good , plus a wide variety of colours to choose from =D actually for my coastal scents brushes , precious are using them as paint brushes for her paint book , she simple love them , must be the pink handles. lol

passerby - i dont know any miracle solution for your pimple breakout , but get a pimple cream , and apply diligently everyday , cleanse tone moisturise your face per normal, and please do not squeeze the pimples! i will dap a dot of deep cleansing mask onto any pimple ( or pimple to be ) and leave the dot over night , usually the swell and redness will reduce by the time i wash it off the next day. And if your pimple breakout is not caused by mense period / stress , maybe can check out why it will happen , like maybe too much oily food in your diet etc , or sometime dont really suit you in your skincare ?

lineey~ - hi , its 52 or 53 , cant really remember =) and yes , i like it quite a lot. been repurchasing everytime i finished one tube.

Michelle - hmm , the quality is okay i would say , but it would be better to get better quality brushes , can last you a longer time =)

carol - you meant eye concealor ? hmm i do not know any particular eye concealor for eyebags , but maybe you would like to get an eye gel/cream to reduce the puffiness/eyebags instead? would be better for you in the long run =)

audrey - i frequent kawaii-cafe , google and you should be able to find her blogspot add.

miemiemie - thanks dear =) haha and i'll definately try to do up any of your requests ! no problem on that =D

winnie - haha thanks !

hi - hmm , ive just started on buying eyeshadows so ive yet to clear any of them. but generally for powder makeup , should be able to keep it for 3years or so. if you're really afraid to use after dumping it aside for quite awhile , can try scrap off the top surface before using =)

Pauline - i see , you're a busy woman leh ! but i still wanna try your macarons ! lol , anyways the pooh stuffs you bought in your blog damn cute ! =D precious is good , very naughty ( nothing new about that LOL ).

grace - yup =) hmm , the loose sheets at 1.95dollars are only available during promotions , and the last promotions just ended like 1 week ago ? maybe you can wait til the next promotion or get them in boxes instead.

se - i see , hope the serum works for you =) if it works , let me know ! i can buy it for my mummy to try =)

abc - haha alrights , add me =) but i do not go online often , usually in the weirdest hours , lol ! so continue tagging ! hmm eyeliners ? you meant pencil/liquid/gel ?

xl - wristlets ? i guess you have to go and have a look for yourself ? i mean , some designs i like might not be to your liking and stuff etc =) but anyways , i like coach wristlets , pretty and affordable =)

dawn - i bought them from shiseido counter =) i love the wallet too ! hubby said he felt it was very me , cos its pink and there's a ribbon right in front , lol =) my favourite is still feverlet bb cream ! ive just ordered my 3rd tube , haha =D can try if you can get your hands on it , sheer coverage , moisturising enough =) oh and the colour codes for the lippies are RD363 , PK357.

xys - besvue barbie black =)

denise - i usually go to the shawhouse outlet =)

BlogReader - 99dollars =)

L - haha im not good enough for the title ! there are plenty out there who are the real shopping queens =D and nope , ive graduated =)

hellonicole - i prefer to keep cos personally im always changing wallets to suit my mood for the day and stuff =)

passser - nah im not. and he's serving national service at the moment =)

Q :) - black tied , and yeah very pretty !

angel - feverlet =)

cecilla - hmm for me its more than enough , and actually i always have left over after im done applying, but if you need more coverage , can always apply more =) i use my fingers to spread and dab into my skin to even out , very easy application =)

angie - yup got it from local boutique ( at paragon ) , 1820 =)

kov - ive just passed a few stuffs i dont want to a friend ! i clear my makeup stash quite frequently , you wanna email me your contact and tell me more about what your drama club need? =)


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