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Saturday, November 15, 2008

was rather tired yesterday before we headed off for shopping ,
so my makeup was a pretty hasty and boring one.
actually , on second thoughts , its my usual makeup routine la ,
unless i have party or something important to attend to.

so yeah
first up !
most IMPORTANT thing , and no its not foundation !

contact lens
tadah ~

and no , i will not pose a pic of me without them. =D

Feverlet Bb cream & YSL eye brightener

before ..
i know i looked damn stone ,
i was really super tired ! and i was down with fever the night before ..

and yes ,
i have slight patches of redness around
it always happens whenever my period is nearing.
dark eye circles , enlarged pores , blackheads etc etc ,
all the common problems , you name it , i have it.

use a pearl size of bb cream and apply onto face


redness concealed , skin looks more radiant =)
bb cream works wonders !

very simple eye makeup for the day.
( took it in the car =D )

products i used ?

brush on some pink blusher
and im all done !

okay , so back to my day.
i was having a spinning headache right after we had eaten ,
so mrLim came to vivo and drove me home right away after he booked out.

thus ,
i only managed to get a mac eyeshadow before going home to rest.

oh and mrLim is very sneaky la !
sometime ago ,
i bought 2 wallets and a wristlet cos i like switching around my stuffs.

then he got me this pretty wallet few weeks later =)

and he said - no excuse for you to keep buying wallets already okay !
SEE ! sneaky anot !
cos he know , i will use everything he bought for me for a good period of time before considering changing to another..

but i think he given up on me already ,
cos i went to get a new bag instead. LOL
Prada tote =)

back to my skincare entry =)

Toners !

( L - R )
Guardians Rose Water Toner , 4plus for 120ml
Avene Moisturising Lotion , 40dollars for 200ml
Avene Gentle Toner , 30plus for 200ml
Etude House Moistfull Toner , less than 8dollars for 150ml

Hydrating Serums/Lotions
( L- R )

Etude House Moistfull Lotion , comes together as a bundle with its toner.
Avene Soothing Serum , 40plus for 40ml
Niu Er Skincology Advanced Hydrating Phyto Complex , less than 20dollars for 30ml

i tend to get all my avene products from national skin center's pharmacy , and the prices are lower than watsons/guardians.

( L - R )

Sana Moisture Lotion (as my whitener now ) , 18plus for 150ml
B-Liv Off with those heads , 103dollars for 50ml
( and yes it is Cellnique Pro Sebum Gel in new packaging )
Cosme Decorte Moisture Liposome , 157dollars for 50ml
which is my first anti aging product ! haha

gonna take a nap now ,
and head downtown for shopping =)
told mrLim i wanna go get magazines ,
and he said ; you wanna go buy makeup right
argh ! cant hide anything from him , lol !

Tags replies
fion - lols ! you should see some of the makeup slash the cozy cotters have ! way more than me lor ! i wanna rob theirs instead. haha =D

abc - done ! =)

junn - im using b-liv off with those heads to prevent blackheads/clogged pores and stuff =) been using for like 2years already , and it works for me. oh , and do a scrub followed by deep cleansing masks to clear/prevent clogged pores regularly.

manteng - miss ya too babe !

hihi - i dont provide my archives link at the moment , sorry =)

Chin - think you misunderstand , i dont use his money for my own expenses =)

Pauline - tell me when you're free ! i want macarons ! lol =) eh i thought you gonna go japan and get the bag ?

anna - Sasa =)

Rain - vivo , Plaza singapura , imm have daiso outlets =) and gmarket site is gmarket.co.kr =)


i do; -
10:45 AM