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Sunday, December 07, 2008

been kinda busy lately =)
celebrated mrLim 21st again at newton circus with 4-4clique !

headed down to serangoon garden for chilling session =D

darling had 2 ice cakes this year !

Christmas season is coming ~
im super lemming for more Mac full size brushes !
cant wait for sephora to open at takashimaya =)

anyways ,
i did another quick tutorial for everyone ;
hope you babes like it =)

Eye makeup ~

-Beaute de Kose Eye Fantasists BE355
-Lunasol Geminate Eyes 01 Cat's Eyes
- Mac Eyeshadow in Black Tied
- Maybelline Gel Liner in 01 Black

Colours used ~
A - Dark shimmery coffee brown with a slight greenish tinge
B - Black eyeshadow filled with black glitters ( not chunky ones )
C - very shimmery soft yellow gold

( forgot to place chic choc eyeliner in black , heroine liquid liner & HR mascara together for photo taking )

after lining inner eyelid

after applying eyeshadow

- Apply beaute de kose eye fantasist onto entire upper eyelid
- Use A , brush and blend onto upper lid.
- Apply B .near lashline and blend towards crease
- Lightly pet C onto middle of eyelid ( close your eyes and touch your eyelid , the part where it bulges out slightly ) to make a 3d pop effect .
- line eyes with Maybelline gel liner =)

and you're ready to head out for some partying !

open eye picture + with mascara =D

Before replying tags ,
alot of you babes have been asking about gransenbon blushes.
- now most watsons should be selling them already , 29.90SGD , very very shimmery blushes in my opinion , not very suitable for those who dislike shimmers , have problems with enlarged pores.

Tags replies
anna - oily and dry ? as in combination skin ? or your skin is actually dehydrated that it reproduces even more oil to curb to dryness ? sk11 is actually targeted to more mature skin i guess , bout 20plus ? might be a lil rich for younger skins. how old are you ? maybe can let me know , i see what i know to help you to get suitable products for your skin =)

yanying - lunasol counter at takashimaya

hi - i dont enable archives viewing

winnie - thanks =)

adels - get a new cam la ! haha okok , i'll update you if got any good lobangs / sales !

Ade - Chic choc is currently not available in singapore , i got it from taiwan. maybe can try googling around for sprees ?

diane - it should be still available , maybe can call up the counter and check ?

abc - still got room for improvement =)

miemiemie - thanks dear =) she recovered already !

xl - maybelline counters / shelves in watsons / guardians / giant / ntuc / bhg etc etc =)

cin - im using a sunscreen from rmk , biore sunblock and some of my bb cream do have spf =)

shannie - lunasol counter at takashimaya =) hmm , i use brushes actually =) even for my bb creams / sunblocks / eye brightener etc etc , became a habit already.

se - its fixed =)

joc - haha i have tonnes of room for improvement on applying eyeshadows ! still very new to eye makeup =)

lynn - SGD 25.90

ber - haha =) yup ! i'll be posting in my next entry , together with precious's pictures.

vicky - will try to do it in my next few entry =) anyways , if you're not those extremely tall kind , can get mm , gm will be a tad too big in my opinion.

Pauline - did i see rose macaroons ?? * drools !!!! haha , when are you making them again ??

Audrey - got them from taiwan , not available in singapore at the moment. hmm , i think whenever a certain brand of eyeliner smudges or not , gotta trial and error yourself.
for me , gel liners generally dont smudge ( no matter which brand ) , for pencil liners , chic choc doesnt smudge on me , dior pencil liner smudges a lil bit at the end of the day , while for liquid liners wise , kate super sharp doesnt smudges on me too.

Michelle - sure thing =) will do that in my next few entries !

hey - well , as the names suggest , gel liners are in gel form and liquid liners are in liquid form. gel liners , you need to purchase an additional brush ( if it doesnt come with it ) , like mac fluid lines , bobbi brown gel liners all doesnt come with a brush. For myself , i have slight oily lids , and gel liners doesnt smudge. and yes , the maybelline gel liner does comes brown , not a matte flat colour like the black , but a slight pearly shimmery brown. try deep cleansing masks to clean pores and that will make pores look smaller =) remember to follow up with hydrating masks !

Girl - will recommend you to get an eye concealor instead if all you wanna cover is eyebags =) our skin around the eye area are the thinnest and most sensitive , better to use eye concealor / brightener instead of using foundation. i got the feverlet bb cream for 40plus if i didnt remember wrongly.

daisy - thanks ! congrats on your rom !

janice - =) welcome , and yeah i'll try to update here for you babes !

alina - im using b-liv off with those heads to prevent clogged pores , and it is quite effective
=) remember to use a deep cleansing masks to reduce them too.

steph - hmm , both are pretty good in my opinion. but if you're relatively new to gel liners , can try the maybelline one =)


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