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Friday, December 19, 2008

Brushes Entry =)

before i start ,
i was at Mac earlier , and i was super tempted to get a 2nd piece of 109 brush and 188 brush to keep ! but , i managed to walk out without getting anything =)
mrLim thought i really kept my words about not spending anymore on cosmetics until next year , but what he didnt know is that i already paid for a brand new tube of UDPP and 2 lavshuca eyeshadow palettes online. haha !

anyways ,
i tend to reach out alot to my MAC full size brushes as compared to the other brands that ive got.
so yeah , all the below mentioned are full sized mac brushes.

and oh ,
full size brushes from MAC are all handmade , the bristles are all made from goat's hair , while the SE ( the short handled ones which comes in a bundle of 4 or 5 during collections ) are mass produced and the bristles are a mixture of synthetic hair and goat's hair. thus , there is a difference between the quality of full size brushes and the SE ones =)

am not at home at the moment , so i wont be posting up the pics i took.
the ones in the mac website are much clearly actually =)

Face Brushes -
109 brush ; $58

this is meant for contouring , but after seeing some youtube videos raving on what a great foundation brush it can be , i had to get one to apply my bb creams ! Application is a breeze , just dab dab and brush in circular motions , best thing is , flawless effect =D
i have to go back and get a backup !

187 brush ; $82 or $87

Duo Fibre brush , very raved in forums , for foundation and blush application.
i have 3 187 , one for bb cream , one for cream blushers and the other for powder blushers.
187 gives a airbrush effect ( but not as flawless as the 109 ) when i use my bb cream , basically by the stippling method ( can try google about it ) , but i particularly love using 187 for blush application , it deposits the correct amount of powder / cream onto your skin , dont have to worry about over doing your blusher. Very good brush to invest in !

oh and , a smaller version of 187 is called the 188 ; ( no point putting the pics in , cos they practically looks the same just that 188 is smaller in size ). i bought the 188 for blush purpose , the size is just nice to sweep some colour onto the apples of your cheeks =)

129 brush ; $60

my very first MAC brush , stole it from mummy's dresser actually , LOL.
basic blusher brush , and though i have other alternatives for blusher brushes , i do reach out back to my 129 pretty often.

168 brush ; $57

some people uses the 168 for blush applications , but i prefer to use it for contouring purposes. the angle of the bristles just fit into the hollows of your cheeks ( suck in your cheeks and you will see the "hollows" ).

Eye brushes

209 brush ; $30

i prefer to draw a fine precise line for gel / cream liners , so i dont usually use the brushes are comes with some of the liners. 209 is this sharp-liquid-liner-brush-tip look alike , and i love how much control i have to draw whatever kind of lines i wanna draw.

213 brush ; $32

my main eyeshadow brush =) i got like 3 213s in my brush stand , the bristles are densely packed together , thus able to pick up a good amount of eyeshadow !

217 brush ; $33

this is a 2 in 1 brush ( blending and applying eyeshadows ) , i use this whenever im rushing for time , for i can just apply , and blend blend blend , instead of using 213 to apply , and 224 ( which i will review below ) to blend.

224 brush ; $53

my favourite blending brush ! need i describe more ?

all done !

Tags Replies
anna - hmm , too pretty for me to resist ! haha =) anyways , its not made from cloth , more like plastic (jelly shoes material but a little harder ) , so i guess any dirt will be pretty easy to wipe off =)

ANN - nah no worries =) yeah , i will do one soon. any particular palette / colour combi you wanna see ?

carol - haha nah , there's still room for improvement =) hmm , i got my feverlet bb cream from online sprees , try googling , i think it'll be pretty easy to find.

Chin - you meant the biore or kose whip cleanser ?

stella88 - i generally prefer to use a base before applying eyeshadows as the pigments / powders will stick to your eyelid better as compared to without using a base , and in that way , the eyeshadows will last longer and because i have double eyelids , if i dont use a base , i'll end up with a eyeshadow crease where my double eyelid is ( as in the powder will get stuck in the line , damn yucky )

Audrey - =D yeah !

:) - yup , its my 3rd bottle of brush cleanser =) very cheap too ! 18dollars =)

cheryl - i personally have no used ettusais or revlon LF , cos ive heard and tested that revlon LF is too thick for my liking , i personally prefer a sheer coverage of foundation / bb cream. As for Mac LF , it too is a lil thick in consistency , but i tone it down by mixing the LF and my moisturiser ( in serum form ) in the ratio of 1 : 1 , it gets more diluted after mixing. And anyways , mac is pretty good =) but ive read alot of reviews that revlon is a good dupe for mac LF !

xl - i get my magazines monthly from kinokuniya =)

kov - replied !

px - sorry but my supplier currently only deals with his old customers. try circlelens2u ( google it ) , the besvue barbie circle lens are sold there too.

Girl - paul&joe , chanel , givenchy and a few other japanese brands =)

pekopon- hey dear =D sure no problem , will post it up for you in my next entry ! ive sensitive skin too , and both of the masks works very well =) no stinging sensation , no redness , no breakout whatever =)

joc - i see , i got them like few weeks ago , but pass the palettes and brush sets over to my cousin =) lets practise together ! lol , im still very new to eyeshadows. but well i think GD-1 is a very safe combination to start , and the colours are very pretty , just that the powder are not that pressed ? kinda will fly all over if i dont use a base. maybe you can get a base to try ? that way , even if you apply a lil , the colours can still be seen =)

xx - watsons =)

wendy - sorry but my supplier is currently only dealing with his old customers. but you can try get from circlelens2u ( google it ) =)

cc - currently , i only know transparent mascaras that either help hold the curl of our eyelashes , or give them a glossy finish etc , but not one that can help to lengthen. i personally dont think it is possible either , cos we need fibres in mascaras base or mascaras to lengthen , unless there is transparent fibres which i dont know of =) anyways , can try canmake , clarins , etude ( korean brand ) =D

xl - watsons bird nest masks are on promotion now , 9.95 per box ( 5pieces ) usual price is 19.90 , wyt pearl masks are also on promotion ( but i heard the promo ended already ) , got it at 9.90 per box (5pieces) , usual price 39.90. watsons green tea masks also on promotion , 1.95per piece , usual price 14.90 per box (5pieces) .

Winnie;D - haha ! their collection are super huge ! the number of eyeshadows can fill an entire drawer kind , lols =)

- PS ; its 6.20am in the morning and my eyes are super tired , sorry for any typos and sentences that dont make sense ( if have la )


i do; -
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