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Friday, December 12, 2008

im like feeling light headed , giddy and sleepy the entire day , just because of the pink cough syrup . arghs ..
i can literally doze off the moment my eyes are closed !

anyways ,
a lil short update =)
more Precious ~

she's very talkative now ,
and yeah we can hold conversations with her =)
i was very surprised when i reached home the other night and she told me , my minnie mouse hat is gone and gave me a sad face

and i was like huh ?
gone ?
eh ? she said GONE leh !
gone is like past participle of go and she said gone !
and my mum gave me the i-never-teach-her face ,
think she watch too much tv already , lol !

well according to her ,
we ( mrLim and me ) are small dinosaurs , mummy and daddy are big dinosaurs ,
and she is well , a small tiny monster who will turn into a dragon which is able to blow fire outta its mouth whenever she's upset.

i think having a kid this age is pretty fun ,
i tend to laugh alot whenever she's around =)

and this is my LAST lunasol palette for this year ; promised !
Sheer Contrast Eyes in 01 Coral Coral , very pretty !

actual photo taken with flash ; picture copied from lunasol website.

will do a more detailed review soon =)

Tags Replies

abc - sure , will do it =) i dont use cleansing oil though. what caused your breakouts ? and which makeup remover are you using currently ?

miemiemie - oh , i dont use the cleansing water to remove my eye makeup , i actually use 2 removers , one for eye makeup , and the other for facial makeup. works better i think =)

Audrey - hmm , if you know someone who works in LV boutique , can get the damier neverfull too. =)

hihi - hair curlers ? sure , will do one when i have the time =) anyways , my friend adels , recently just did a hair curling tutorial =) can go over her blog and take a look , her curls are very pretty ! http://www.inarticulate-thoughts.blogspot.com/

adels - eh what few days , got like 2 weeks plus to 2009 okay ! i send you via email tml la ! kns you really went thai disco ah ?

June - i got it from a supplier i found through yahoo auctions quite awhile ago , but he doesnt want to take in new customers anymore. hmm , maybe you can try circlelens2u , try google it and find the website =)

ming zhen - thanks ! you're yanwen's friend right ? read your blog too =) and yeah , i cant wait for 2009 to come , my eyeshadow ban can be lifted ! lols =D

Li - thanks =)

abc - i got mine from drugstore.com spree , else you can try GNC ?


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