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Saturday, December 20, 2008

mrLim had liondance in the evening , and mummy&daddy brought precious out for shopping.
so , i decided to spend a little time by myself =)
headed down town ,
sephora is finally open !
BUT no nars , urban decay.
damn sad , i wanted to get eyeshadows from nars !
well , guess i have to get them online instead =D

pretty crowded ,
and i saw too faced shadow insurance =)
couldnt resist ( and frankly i hate waiting for parcels to arrive) and grab the last tube.

headed to Chinatown to meet up with mrLim and clique for dinner ,
went to OG and got a kate palette.
haha , i totally broke my ban of NOT buying cosmetics until next year can.

Pictures and more updates tomorrow =)

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Chin - my archives can now be viewed =) hope you get the kose whip soon =) and thanks for your compliment , im using henry tianus flower essence eye gel ( try google it if you are interested) for few months already , aid in reducing puffy eyes and dark circles =)

vv - my archives are viewable now !

pb - i still get allowance and spending money from my parents.

ANN - sure , will do it soon =)

hihi - =) thanks for reading !

Audrey - blue =) but i think the black look prettier.

Winnie;D - haha im not joking ! i hope my collection will grow as big as them , lols ! mrLim will kill me i think.

anna - for everyday cleansing , i pour some of the cleanser into a spray bottle , and spray the liquid onto the bristles after using and onto a kitchen towel , then brush onto the kitchen towel til the brush is clean =) for deep cleansing every week , i pour the cleanser into a cup and swirl the brushes and rinse them well , then leave them to dry =) haha , i love using makeup brushes !

xl - done !


i do; -
12:29 AM