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Thursday, December 11, 2008

okay , ive been missing since weekend ,
went loads of places and ran loads of errands =)

as ive mentioned ,
i bought another lunasol palette on monday !
and i bought another one today , LOL.
high time to stop for this year..

first up ,
had ice cream session with meiwei & kahwai , double date ~
haha =)
ben&jerry ~

yummy waffle & icecream !

cleansing water & toner from SASA
love the cleansing water by the way ,
will do a review soon !

okay , back to my lunasol palette

Scent form eyes in 03 Black Tea 6.3g , retail price : SGD 77

actual photo ( with flash ) ; picture taken from lunasol website

Colour Review
A ( Top Left ) : Olive green which reminds me alot of the colour of green tea with generous amount of gold shimmers.

B ( Top Right ) : Pearly reddish wine colour , which goes on very subtle and very soft looking on lids.

C ( Bottom Left ) : Loaded with shimmers , colour still goes on very smoothly on lids without any gritty feeling.

D ( Bottom Right ) : Dark shimmery purple ( though i know it look kinda brownish in pan ) ; definately not a wild colour , very ladylike and soft in my opinion.

Ive nothing but raves for lunasol eyeshadow palettes =)
the colours goes on very pigmented , powder is finely milled.
loaded with shimmers and glitters.
and the mirror compact is so pretty !

bought another lunasol palette , Coral Coral earlier , will do up a review and swatches for both this black tea palette and coral coral palette this few days.

i think i seriously spent a lil too much on eyeshadows since november .
lets see ..
Lunasol Christmas Set - $99
Lunasol Geminate Eyes in 01 - $77
Lunasol Scent Form Eyes in 03 - $77
Lunasol Sheer Contrast Eyes in 01 - $77
Mac Black Tied Eyeshadow - $26
Kose Christmas Set - $69
Majolica Majorca BR799 - $25.90
Majolica Majorca BR742 - $25.90
Paul&Joe Eyegloss - 2 x $8 (during prestige sales)
Givenchy eyeshadow quad - $19 (during prestige sales)

thats like , hmm ..
511.80 for eyeshadows only ,
omg , mrLim mustn't see this , else i think he will ban me from going out. LOL =D

and i know alot of you misses precious' photos =)

Tags Replies
ANN - yup will post one soon , im thinking of posting a video instead actually , but my voice sounds damn spastic to me when i replay the video , haha. still considering , but will do it soon =)

cordelia - besvue barbie circle in brown =) adels blog ? google inarticulate thoughts and it should come up at the first link =)

angel - nope , im was working part time at a certain brand of cosmetics counter earlier , and wasnt allowed to have fanciful nails =)

erin - welcome babe ! glad it worked well for you =D

joc - sure , no problem. will post pictures soon =) lucky you , i heard the lunasol xmas set is oos already !

P - sorry , i dont allow at the moment.

joey - lunasol counter in takashimaya =)

daisy - posted le ! haha , last time when i put archive , alot of tags will be like hi , where did you buy this this at this this date ? then i must go view back , kinda troublesome. i miss chatting with you la !

Audrey - nah , a friend got it from taiwan when she went holiday over there =) try goole kawaii-cafe =)

Michelle - takashimaya's vouchers can only be used in takashimaya itself , shops like kinokuniya , tiffany and co , louis vuitton , chanel etc are located in ngee ann city , not takashimaya , thus the vouchers cant be use.

adels - change name la ! call you miss black eyes ! lol =D

se - sure no problem =)

Jessie - fade pimple scars ? hmm , i used to use HABA white lady to dab on scars and it worked pretty well =) or like what eileen had replied you , can try vit E capsule , poke a hole and dab/apply the serum onto your scars.

Cheryll - 32months =) she's turning 3 in april 09 =)

Girl - i apply on Tzone and entire nose =)

Winnie - =) welcome !

se - im currently still using HABA white lady =)

yanling - yes , use a cotton bud , soak into your eye makeup remover and remove the liner from your eyes. Makeup remover is a must whenever you apply any sort of makeup onto any part of your face =)

Shandyy - will post in tomorrow =( im outside at the moment , didnt upload the birkin picture into my flickr account.

ginTHGREAT - haha ! you dont forget mine too =)

SASA - sure thing =) take good care alrights !


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