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Monday, December 01, 2008

sorry for my late entry !
precious fallen sick , and we've visited the baby clinic for like the 3rd time since thursday morning.
started with super high fever , and now very bad cough.
she's on the nebuliser , hope she gets well soon !

here's what i bought from the prestige sales , ( Prestige is the parent company of paul & joe )

Loose Powder ; complete set with puff , casing & refill. (got another loose powder set with adels ! yeah i bought 2 )

2 eye glosses ; very shimmery !

Givenchy 4colour eyeshadow quad

bought the christmas edition Majolica Majorca eyeshadow palette at NAC watsons

plus a Gransenbon blusher in 07 , very dollish pink =)

today's entry is actually Lunasol's Christmas Eyeshadow quad's review =)
as ive said in my earlier post when i posted the pictures of the Lunasol Christmas Coffret set ,
i really think the set is a must buy for this christmas ,
very worth the 99dollars price tag ,
because it consists of a 4colour eyeshadow palette , blusher , clutch and nail polish,
moreover , a lunasol eyeshadow quad itself is priced t 77dollars each !

EX04 Soft Silver Lighting

Colours ( without flash )

when swatched on hand ( left : without flash ; right : with flash )

A - looks dead whitish on pan and when swatched , but once brush on lids , it turns out to be a very soft pinkish white shimmer , very pretty !

B - mauve pink shimmery shade which doesnt make me look bruised as compared to normal pinkish pink colours , very obvious shimmers on pan and when swatched but goes on pretty subtle on lids.

C- pretty dark coffee brown which looks great when used to line eyes , very pretty even when lightly applied on lids for a nice casual look.

D - very glittery as compared to the above 3 shades , filled with silver glitter bits instead of silver pigments.

The eyeshadow brushes are of very good quality too !

a short and fast tutorial !
bare eyes ; with lens of cause =D

after lining beneath eyelashes with chic choc black pencil liner ;

detailed picture =)

1. brush A onto entire lid and brow bone
2. then B up til double eyelid crease
3. and line C near roots of eyelashes
4. plus lightly brush C onto 1/3 of outer bottom lid , from a thick line to a thin one when it gets nearer to middle of the eye.
5. Lightly press D onto middle of upper eyelid for a more 3d effect

and you're all done !

with eyeshadow ; after with mascara !

hope you babes like my detailed review & tiny tutorial =)

for those who are interested in the maybelline gel liner ,
this is how it looks when applied ( not freshly applied , took the pic after i gotten home , like a good 4 -5 hours later ) ; which also proves that it doesnt smudge nor turns flakey !

tomorrow , 2december is my mrLim's 21st birthday !
gonna have a small celebration at boat quay later at night =)
will be back to blog tomorrow night !

tags replies -

joc - yup , the powder is very soft and silky , very fine =) plus the casing is very pretty ! yeah , its retailing at 77dollars at p&j counters , but i gotten it at the sales , thus very much cheaper =)

------- : through forum & SAs =) the prestige sales is over already.

anna - the sales are actually open to public =) and as for sk11 , i dont get what you mean by worth to buy anot , if the product suits your skin and do helps your skin , i reckon at any price it'll be worthy to get isnt it ? but sk11 is kinda more catered towards matured skin , maybe wanna tell me how is your skin condition ?

Pauline - the best sellers like benetint , dandelion etc are not offered during the benefit sales , else i would have grab some !

adels - haha ! wanna spend , we spend together ! go get a new camera la!

cheryll - yeah i know ! =)

abc - prada boutique at paragon

kov - thanks =)

kelly - the prestige sales was held at 6 jalan kilang =)

meiting - haha ! easy to say but hard to do leh ! lols =)


i do; -
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