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Sunday, December 14, 2008

totally break record can !
i went town and came back without buying anything ,
well except for 2magazines =)

but i bought a tiny thing yesterday ,
mm BR355 ,
very pretty neutral brown palette !

with flash

yesterday evening , went over to mummy-Lim 's chalet .
the chalet is super nice

very pretty furnishings !

random note ,
i didnt know how brown my lenses are.
very similar to my hair colour ! lols

i repacked my cosmetics drawer the other night
cheek makeup ; eye makeup ( and container with all eyeliners , mascaras at the back )

and i love looking at my newly purchased lunasol eyeshadow collection ,
damn retarded i know , haha =D

gotta go , very tired =)

tags replies
Yanwen ♥♥: haha , but i think she looks more like her dad in real life ! looks like a boy , lols =) hmm non smudge eyeliner ? you looking for pencil , liquid or gel ? pencil liners tend to smudge as compared to liquid and gel.

abc : i see , hmm maybe can try using cleansing water ? anyways , i think there's only like one vit E capsule in drugstore.com ? in one huge bottle one.

Fiona - nah.

anna - yup , ive tried mac barestudy paint pot , urban decay primer potion ( UDPP ) and recently just purchased too faced shadow insurance online. UDPP can only be found online , so maybe you can try getting mac barestudy paint pot ? i like it alot =)

Mary - haha i will when i have the time =)

miemiemie - haha i think so too !

angela - mac concealor , ysl eye brightener , kp concealor =) and well , try to sleep more !

Girl - yup , please do apply moisturisier beforehand =) and , sometimes i use my fingers , other times i use mac 187 brush or mac 109 brush =)

hello! - they are good , very pigmented and smooth =)

Janet - Lunasol counter in takashimaya =D

purple - i dont really take note of exact prices , but i think 1kplus ?

mingzhen - haha yeah , i got that habit for forgetting some of them ! but well , i try to rotate and use them =) and yeah i do read your blog !


i do; -
2:29 AM