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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

did i mention i almost went nuts when i popped by every single watsons that i happen to pass by , and my favorite Caramel Beige is out of stock !

lucky me found 4boxes of Caramel Beige left in Paragon's Watsons , and i grabbed all 4 !
damn happy can , lol !
Ruby reserved the entire set of Disney Collection from Paul & Joe and i went down Isetan Scotts to collect =)

the Disney collection is now exclusively out only at Isetan Scotts Paul&Joe counter , so grab yours fast !

Face Colours in both shades ;
the prints on the casing itself is so cute !

Pink & Orange

even the puffs are super cute and soft !

Milky Lip Treatment ; Protective Hand Cream

the face colour balls are $48 dollars each ,
Lip treatment is $23
Hand cream is $28 =)

i cant wait for march to come , so we can fly to hong kong soon =D

i made a huge mistake all these years ,
some people are just not meant to be trusted.
whether be it few years or just few months , i dont see why there is a need to fabric stories and spin lies.
All these years , ive always been alone.
Close friends turn their backs on me , betrayal is something i became very familiar with.
People say , boyfriends come and go , but friends stay forever.
but all along , I beg to differ.
Since my very first relationship , Ive learnt to rather give up my own friends then give up my relationship. Because friends is not something that will stay with me.
Ive been betrayed by more so called best friends then the number of relationship i have.

Ironically is that ,
the ones who always claim to be my bestest friends , turn out to be the one who hurt me the most.
I will never forget that you said whatever you mentioned is the truth and only the truth , and yet that very sentence total bullshit.
And neither will i forget , the you who wanted to savage the friendship, and yet helping the one whom you yourself said isnt worthy to help.

My dad told me this when i was younger ; you always remember this , only daddy & mummy will never betray you.
yet I refused to believe , friends were way too important then his crappy words at that time.

This year , im turning 22,with even lesser friends then before.
sometimes i feel lonely
and i envy mrLim.
His bunch of friends have always been there , some since years ago , some only recently.
but between them , there is no plots , no backstabbing , no betrayal , no jealousy.
Just loyalty and friendship.
They celebrate and enjoy together when the times is good ,
cry and hurt together when something happen ,
when someone makes a mistake , no one is out cast , no one is blamed ,
they stay together and face the situation as a group.

I feel very lucky that they accept me as part of the clique , accept me as a friend.
And i am contented with it.

And so ,
my one resolution for 2009 is ,
with or without friends , i will live my life well and i will be happy =)

peiyi , you're right.
i feel better after letting some stuffs out =)


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