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Sunday, January 11, 2009

photo updates =)

meiwei's 18th birthday at Raining bar!
bought her the agnes b locket&key necklace =)

had yummy steamboat with ahkiat and amanda at tiong baru plaza,
been ages since mrLim and i dined there =)

mrLim & mrOng !

went bugis on friday with aunty;peiyi and mae ,
supposedly we were there to accompany aunty shop around for maxi dresses.
but i ended up getting 2 high waist skirts ; 1 for 20dollars and the other for 10 .
how to resist !
ive sent the other one to alter and plan to keep for cny , so no pics of it yet =)

im kinda into the black&white combo right now , must be peiyi's fault ! =D

anyways ,
my tagboard is perfectly fine now.
didnt realised that it expired sometime ago ,
so ya , tag me instead of emailing alrights , thanks =)

i know its been long since my previous update.
received some terrible news after the night at boat quay ,
and ever since then ,
i had sleepless nights ...

i can feel the immerse pain and sadness after hearing the news , i cannot imagine how mrLim feels and how hurting it is to all their loved ones =(

The price to pay for an act of rashness is too heavy for anyone of them.


i do; -
11:10 AM