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Thursday, January 15, 2009


sq flight confirmed !
march 20th ~ cant wait for short getaway with the mrLim & clique.
8days of shopping awaits us , i see Jill Stuart , Nars , H&M and so many more la can , omg.
peiyi & amanda , please help me control my spendings!

will update soon !


haha ,
i wasnt trying to keep anyone in suspense about where im heading in march , just realised that i forgotten to mention the location =)
mrLim&I , weijun&peiyi , ahkiat&amanda are flying to hong kong for our shopping trip !

anyways ,
i havent been heading shopping recently ( trying to curb for hong kong trip's sake).
i even have my cosmetics shopping list all ready ,
and to think that our trip is like 2months away, lols !

mummy went out shopping the other day ,
and she bought me this cute lil thing =)
Pop beauty Rose Belle 8 blush kit-

8 blushes in a cute little compact palette , there's even colours for contouring and high lighting!

mummy said she got me this specially for my hong kong trip , so that i can just plainly bring this thin and small palette and have a variety of blusher colours to choose from =)

had my haircut at maison in far east today =)
i like winnie ! =)
now , i just need to dye my roots again , and im all ready for chinese new year !
went tangs,
sourcing around for a certain shopping queen birthday present.
am very tempted by purple eyeshadows recently, so i got myself a dior palette.

a little different from my usual choice of browns or pinks =)
love dior shadows' quality , damn smooth and pigmented!

oh and did i mention , lunasol palettes are like only 67SGD in hongkong !
i think i should wait til march and get the spring2009 collection.
lets see , i plan to get like 3palettes from Lunasol , 2palettes and 2 jelly colours from Jill Stuart , 2eyeshadow singles from Nars
thats like almost 460 dollars just on eyeshadows only, i think mrLim will wanna kill me if he ever see my shopping list for hong kong lols !

tags replies -
Audrey : something happened to some close friends , arent convenient to disclose right now.

miemiemie : happy new year too =) i miss you la ! lols =D

jen : haha , i almost wanted to buy the same skirt of livejournal too !

-doreen- : thanks =) happy new year to you too , though my wishes are very late. haha

phy : yup , there's one at orchard lido , there is another outlet in takashimaya's basement 2 too =) thanks for reading !

abc : far east plaza =)

ji : nah.

P : sure , will post it in my next entry. anyways , the prada bag hp strap is 180SGD =)

:) : no problem =) for everyday cleaning , right after using , i will spray the cleanser onto a kitchen towel and abit on the brush bristles itself , then brush it onto the kitchen towel until the colours disappears. for deep cleansing ( usually bout every 2 weeks ) , i will pour the cleanser into a cup and swirl the brushes in it , then let it to dry =)

hello : nah , too many masks , lols !

shandyy - hermes boutique =)

psby - which mm eyeshadow you would like a tutorial for ? will do it if i happen to have the palette =)

anna - hmm dresses ? i dont actually have a favourite place to look for clothings, but far east plaza , bugis , this fashion , zara , topshop , gap all have nice clothings ( i know im being very vague but then again , i really dont have a special place to get clothings)

peg - bugis village =)

peiyi - haha ! hope march faster come ! we must shop til we drop okokay ! lols

Pauline - haha im just heading to hong kong =) and yeah , cant wait to go h&m !!

mingzhen - haha hongkong ! you just went right !! lols =) i cant wait to go shopping =)


i do; -
4:07 PM