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Monday, March 16, 2009

updated =)

Tracking number for Registered Articles
Nicole hoon - RR622652735SG
Faith Teng - RR622652736SG
Katherine - RR622652737SG
Yan - RR622652738SG

both normal & registered mails are posted earlier at 17th March 4.30pm


ems is sure fast =)
ive received my parcel from korea ~!

bb creams and bracelets !
all mine , loves =)

all bb creams / samples / bracelets will be sent out tomorrow afternoon , both registered and normal mails =)

ive received quite alot of emails regarding opening a second spree for feverlet bb creams ,
and this will be my last spree =)

SGD39 per tube of 35g , SGD2 per sample sachet , both inclusive of normal postage.
please do add on SGD2.24 if you want your bb creams to be delivered by registered postage =)

please transfer to posb savings 209-16084-6 and email me at baby_baox@hotmail.com with the following format after payment is done =)

Contact Number:
Mailing Address:
Number of Samples:
Number of Tubes:

Amount Transferred:
Normal/Registered Mail:
Transaction Reference:
IB Nick (if applicable):

As for the bracelets , if anyone is interested , do email me for more enquiries =)

Spree for feverlet bb creams and stud bracelets/ ribbon bracelets will end on thursday 19th March =)

and i just received my lenses =D
Hana SPC 14.5mm


i do; -
6:09 PM