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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

hong kong shopping trip is a mere 9days away =D

and ,
as from today , my cbox will be permanently removed from my blog =)

No one is obligated to read my blog , and neither any of you out there must take a liking to me Nicole Lee.

I understand the fact that since i chose to publicise my blog and my life , i should be able to accept nasty comments.

And seriously , i think i did a pretty good job regarding accepting negative tags and even some very fucked up ones =)

what have i not heard/seen before ?
ive been told that im a slut because im 22 and my daughter is 3.
ive been told that my other half is a good for nothing because he move in with me.
ive been told that my parents are the dumbest thing on earth , cos they still give me allowance.
ive been told that my name should be arrogant bitch cos i dont live in a hdb.
ive been told that I too am a good for nothing , cos after giving birth i went back to further my studies.
ive been told that I am too full of myself cos i like to post my hauls/loots after a day of shopping
ive been told that i am ugly/short/fat/fuck up face/useless/bitchy/arrogant/si bei er xin/damn hao lian and so many more other descriptions =)

this is just like a tiny fraction of the ugly tags ive received ever since my site attracted more readers as compared to the days ive just started blogging.

What im trying to put across is ,
ultimately , this is my blog and this is my life.

For those who have been supporting me and my blog ,
I thank you all from the bottom of my heart =)

As for those who hates me to the core/ thinks that i have an extremely fucked up character/attitude/face/lifestyle/body ,
there is really no need to puke over my ugly face and fucking retarded/idiotic/useless life in my blog.
You dont like , you dont read. Period

my next update , will probably be after i come back from hong kong =)


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