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Thursday, July 23, 2009

yes , im back to blog for good =)

how time flies ,
ive been working for almost 3 months already !

to be honest ,
i really love the working environment.
yup , especially the girls i became friends with =)
Prisca , Dionne , Yanyan , Pearly , Rouhui !

and , this is absolutely ..
the best CM that any BA can have =)

few weeks ago ,
i passed iphone over to mrLim , and bought a blackberry curve =)
and now , im always online even during work !

darling precious =)

i went downstairs for a swim last week with kahwai and meiwei.
it had been ages since i swarm , but true enough the calmness of the pool made me think through some stuffs.

swim soon again alrights =)

ive been using alot of new skincare products now that im in the beauty industry =)
the numbers of tubs , jars , bottles and tubes on my vanity is damn horrible !
i dont dare to count the exact total , laughs.

will do a proper update tomorrow night =)

oh and
i miss ah lian.


i do; -
6:25 AM