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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

god , i seriously dont know why i became like so utterly lazy to blog like how i once did in the past.
terribly sorry to those who still bother to read my blog

but ,
from today..
hopefully i'll be motivated to blog often !

and yeah ,
im currently now a Beauty Consultant with SKII =)

ive like trillions of pictures to upload and post ,
but am working tomorrow..
hopefully , will be back to blog in few days =D

just a few pictures to kickstart my first post after so long !
The clique newest hobby is like bowling , and i cant bowl for nuts la.
( we're like super regular in Mt Faber Safra's Superbowl already )

one fine day when the girlfriends are bored ,
we turned to meiei's webcam to play.

been long since ive last took pictures la !
and and , i think it was a total of 116 photos. laughs

pulled mrLim in for a quickshot !

amanda looking super anime-ish , laughs !

my turn ! i look super retarded la !

high time for a haircut

oh and , im like so bored of dark hair last night when i was flipping through the latest vivi magazine.
so i headed watsons and grab a bottle of milk tea brown from liese bubble dye !
and now , i have light brown hair ~
i hope the colour gets even lighter after a week wash or something though.

yayness , mrLim is back with river valley yummy fish soup =)
will be back to blog..
Loves !


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