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Sunday, January 31, 2010

okay , so whenever i have quality time for myself to mask/detox/scrub/hairtreatment and whatsoever ..
the urge to blog always comes into my mind.
yeah , the key word is urge.
haha , ever since i started working , urge to blog never seems to be able to overcome the urge to sleep. laughs.

anyways ,
work is good =)
and i got a feeling , work is gonna be even better in 2 months time.
the girls ive grown to be so attached to when i was in wisma , is gonna be together again.
this time , in one big family , same family =D

short updates,
more like random shopping updates. laughs

1. 27th January came by.
its our 5th =)
as usual , we took time off and went Chinatown for a stroll together.
why chinatown ? to sum things up , it was the place of our first date , back in 27th January 2005.
and yes,
every year since then
we will make it a point to stroll Chinatown together , enjoying the festive atmosphere.

2. oh , remember the small candydoll haul mention in my previous post ?
the parcel came , and the packaging of the makeup is so , cutesy !

mineral loose powder , lipgloss , lipconcealor, pinkblusher, highlighter
so cute !

and tsubasa masuwaka is so pretty !

which reminds me , her line of fake eyelashes was launched in Ngee Ann City Watsons for a week few days ago =D
i had to grab a couple ,
i mean , look at the packaging !
pink , ribbons , polka dots. total killer. laughs

and again ,
she's so cute !

god , i sound so psycho. haha

3. changed my skincare regime , like again.
bought the newly launched Acai Berry Cleanser ($51) and Serum ($84) from Kiehls.
it is doing alot of good to my skin =)

4. finally cleared my vanity ,
and for now , im able to fit everything into the tray i used to store my products =)
plus im quite into handcreams as you can see ,
loccitane stuffs are so so addictive !
im gonna head back to get more handcreams !

Currently , my skincare regime is fairly simple.
Day : Kiehl's Acai Berry Cleanser
HadaLabo Toner
Olay eye gel
Kiehl's Acai Berry Serum
Nuxe Creme Fraiche formule Light Moisturizer
Loreal / LRP sunscreen

Night : Loreal Eye Makeup Remover / Cleansing Express cleansing lotion
Kiehl's Acai Berry Cleanser
HadaLabo Toner
Olay eye cream
Cellnique off with those heads
Kiehl's Acal Berry Serum
Kiehl's Acai Berry Moisturizer / HadaLabo Moisturizer

stop all my whitening regime quite awhile ago ever since ive started on fancl whitening pills =)

5. ive stocked up so many pairs of lenses , that i can like have 8pairs of open lenses at one go.
no kidding
ultra nudybrown&grey , ultra angelbrown&grey , ultra ck105 ,
maxpurebrowns and iforgottenwhatelse

6. lastly , my favorite.
Ribbons ! Extra Large ones ~!

im like dead tired
will be back soon =)
loves all ~


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