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Thursday, January 14, 2010

year two thousand and ten.


how time flies ,
ive been working for a good 8months.
and it surprised me , that i actually can last for more than half a year.
i knew alot of people were like betting that i'll quit within 3months.

but im glad.
i proved others wrong ,
and i proved myself wrong.

i can do it =)
XC ended 2009 with a dragon competition =)
the thai boys are like so cute. laughs.

amanda , meiwei , meimei and mummyOng =)

to welcome 2010 ,
we went dining at a thai place in Dempsey.
a replica pic to the one we took in genting. haha

XC started 2010 with an outing to Sentosa !
look at the number of new boys =)
they are like damn cute i swear ,
if only im few years younger , i'll probably click pretty well with them =D

sun , sand , sea
my nightmare.
i hate dodgeball.
like seriously you know.
wait , i hate all ball games.

ah shit , i hate sports la.
i was like hiding away from the ball the entire time and shrieking my head off.
what a game

then ,
we welcomed 2010 with meiwei's and mae's birthday =)

celebration at mac , love the leggings. lol

ps : i think the whitening pills are working , im like the fairest of the entire lot. haha

Major happening ?
Precious started nursery =)
hellokitty bag , how cute !

the thing we're so proud of , Precious did not drop a single tear =)
at all !
im glad she loves school ,
just that
she doesnt understand chinese.

spot my baby ,
the one with the ribbon. lols !

im not gonna miss 2009 ,
too many things happened.
too many tears , too many heartaches , too many separations.
but im glad , things are for the better now.
be it in love , family , work , and friends.

after leaving my first job ,
i realised how lucky i was.
to meet the girls in wisma =)
and im glad we still remain as good friends , even after we all left for our own paths.

PS , HUIHUIBABY i read your blog la ! laughs. i miss working with you too. haha , the endless gossips , esp "pssssss hui ah! or psssss coco!" at our corners of the respective counters. lols ! youre my first friend i knew in my first job la ! honoured anot. laughs. Soon , we'll be business partners hor. haha =) see you soon la ! ( i dont know why im blogging this msg to you when i know later in the afternoon we will text. lols ! )

anyways ,
i wont promise regular daily updates or whatever ,
i'll come in as and when im free =)
take care all ,
loves !


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